We provide a full range of services covering all aspects of car body repair and car paintwork. We work with insurance companies, fleet operators, accident management companies and private customers, taking great care with each car that we work on.

Autoways Car Body Repair Sheffield

High quality work and exceptional levels of service.

Over the years we have seen a large percentage of our customers return to us again and again throughout their ownership of various different vehicles. We want this to continue, but of course we understand that in order to maintain this repeat business, we need to continue our commitment to high quality work and exceptional levels of service. If the quality of our work or high levels of service drop, so will our customer base.


Smart vehicle repairs, the smart way

Recent years have seen a increase in SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) vehicle repair businesses. These businesses repair a localised area of a vehicle often at your home or workplace. And whilst we understand the appeal of SMART vehicle repairs and we acknowledge their place in the industry, our focus has always and will always be on providing the best possible repair work to your vehicle, in the smartest way possible. Value for money repair work, that will last. With this in mind, all the repair work we carry out is done by an industry expert in a specialist spray booth.

Autoways Car Body Repair Sheffield


Autoways Car Body Repair Sheffield

Where required, we can use the Audatext estimating system to estimate our work. The Audatex estimating system is approved by all recognised insurance companies and ensures that images of the car are sent electronically along with the estimate thus giving the insurance company instant and direct access to all the information they need.